Gain clarity of your purpose-driven story.

Brandscribed Campaign Packages

Discover Your Story

Change Your Story

Tell Your Story

Discover Your Story

Brand Story Development: Craft compelling narratives that resonate with customers and convey a brand's values.

Content Storytelling: Integrate storytelling techniques into marketing content to make it more engaging and relatable.

Create/revise About Us pages: Write an advertorial. Content audit/analysis on how to incorporate story into existing and future assets.

Sales Funnels: Email marketing/nurture campaigns developed and implemented.


Change Your Story

Brand Assessment: Analyze clients' current brand identity and provide recommendations for improvement.

Brand Strategy: Develop comprehensive plans for repositioning and revitalizing brands.

Visual Identity Design: Create logos, color schemes, and design elements that reflect the new brand identity.

Rebrand coaching: Market analysis, find your “why,” content and deliverables audit/strategy. Includes “Tell Your Story” deliverables.


Tell Your Story

Content Strategy: Develop content plans that position clients as industry thought leaders.

Content Creation: Write blog posts, articles, whitepapers, or create videos that showcase clients' expertise.

Public Speaking Coaching: Prepare clients for public speaking engagements and media appearances. Scripts for Keynotes

Publication Placement, media outreach, press release, podcast guest spots, meet with producers, coaching and consulting on pitches, developing biopic, memoir, or bio.