Gain clarity of your purpose-driven story.

Jeff Glauser, Founder and Chief Storyteller

Jeff Glauser has over 20 years of professional writing and personal/organizational leadership experience, along with a proven pedigree in sales management and instructive training.

Upon graduating Jacksonville University with a BA in Journalism in 1999, he spent two years traveling the continent as an Educational Leadership Consultant for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. From there, he earned his MFA in scriptwriting at the University of Miami’s School of TV and Motion Pictures.

As a reporter and columnist, Jeff has contributed to numerous publications around the globe, including the Associated Press, Bleacher Report, Yahoo, McClatchy, and Gannett. Concurrently, he served as an adjunct professor and continuing education instructor for institutions such as Rowan University and Flagler College.

In 2008, Jeff pivoted into sales and marketing, serving in managerial roles for several successful startups in the home improvement and digital marketing spaces, with a speciality in crafting scripts proven to exponentially increase closing rates.

Jeff launched Brandscribed in 2022 as a way to help other purpose-driven business owners be seen as the thought leaders they are by leveraging expert content that brings clarity and credibility to their message.

A South Jersey native, Jeff now resides in St. Johns, FL. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys writing screenplays, spending quality time with his wife and kids, cheering on his Philly sports teams and singing off-key to cheesy 80’s songs.