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Rebrand yourself as an influential thought leader


Change the narrative


Influence your audience


Spotlight your brand


Change the narrative


Reach your audience


Spotlight your brand

You have a new brand. Why isn't it connecting?

You want to become something new. You have a compelling story to tell about it.

The problem is current efforts to share it are resulting in crickets. Talk about a humbling hit to your confidence.

The real problem could be that you're making it too much about your own brand and not enough about your audience.

At Brandscribed, we help rebranding businesses and professionals struggling to gain traction be viewed as influential industry experts. We do so by clarifying their message, finding a captivated audience, and creating story-based thought leadership content that scales.

It's time you connect with your audience as a trusted guide

  • 88 percent of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.

  • 46 percent of surveyed consumers say they would pay more for brands they trust.

(Stackla, 2021)

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Are you looking to:

  • Distinguish yourself as uniquely qualified?

  • Attract and captivate a new audience?

  • Be featured on relevant, respected platforms?

Why We’re The Experts At Creating Experts:

  • Hundreds of articles spotlighting thought leaders in the news media

  • Over 20 years of proven content creation and publication placement

  • Over a decade in Reputation Management for high profile clients

  • A proven framework to give professionals and organizations the tools they need to become go-to sources on trending topics

Imagine having...

  • A clearly defined brand

  • A connection with your audience and the power to influence them.

  • A seamless transition to a purpose-driven role

How to get started:

  • Book a consultation to discuss your rebranding goals

  • Choose a thought leadership campaign

  • Become an industry rock star!

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George Asafo-Adjei, former NFL player turned entrepreneur

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